It's official, son Jakeob is graduated!  After a somewhat hectic week of in-laws, rain and work, I finally let go and enjoyed myself.  And that was hard to ignore the weeds in the landscaping around the rocks!  Hard to believe, but I'm still ignoring it!  I'm so very tired.  Who knew that this was so much work!  But am ready to get back to the "plan" and am planning on making my first batch of goat milk soap this weekend and maybe some chevre cheese. It's probably time to wean the goats so we also need to go back to the fencing project and I need to tape them (measure around their girth) to determine how far they are from slaughter (sniff) weight and getting a buyer lined up.  No sign of slowing down yet!
The goats discovered an open barn door last night so they had a very exciting night exploring all the nooks and crannies including getting in the old silo.  I didn't hear any goat echos but that would have been kind of fun.
And here's the very dapper Jakeob with his beautiful cousin at prom.

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