Miss Molly brings a little Mini-Magic to the farm!  We've had Molly for almost a year now and we'd like to think we've taught her a thing or two, but there's no doubt she's been educating us!  What a character!  A little bit sassy, a little bit naughty, but oh, so cute.

My Zonie

Zona is MY first horse in my adult life.  She's old (25 yrs), she's blind in one eye (horse kicked her in the head when she was young), she was severly underweight when we got her and she's never been broke to ride.  And she's MUCH loved!  Zona doesn't ask for anything else.  And that Arab trot!  Gorgeous!

Dakota H.

The Dakota's.  The reason we have horses.  Dakota H.(orse) was our daughter's sweet 16 birthday present.  At a time when a lot of girls are losing their interest in horses, our daughter (whose name is also Dakota!) was able to realize hers.  The two have a tight bond and Dakota H. has been known to throw a buck or crowhop or even a pout when her person hasn't given her enough attention.  You can't see that here tho'!


A new mini arrived on the farm on Feb. 18, 2010.  Meet Rosie, aka Rosita, aka Rosannadanna... we're calling her all sorts of things as we are working on halter breaking her.