We spent Easter in Colorado with Jay's family so this post should be all about that, but it's not!  Let me say that all the visiting with the family was fine and fun, but now let's get to the real good stuff!

Thank goodness for internet, internet cards, and cell phone towers all along interstates!  I located a Lowline Angus farm just minutes away from Jay's mom's assisted living facility.  I believe the internet briefly turned us into stalkers as we just showed up on their farm and asked for a tour and introduction to the breed.  Larry kindly obliged.

Now let me back up for a minute, as we tried to locate LCM Farm, I led Jay right past his stomping ground when we drove by his grandparent's farm just 1 mile away from LCM Farm.  As we slowly went towards LCM farm we looked for the short cattle.  We found what we thought was the place, but from the road, the cows didn't look that small and were wondering if we had the right place.  We stopped in anyway and Larry led us to a pen with four pregnant mommy cows and one bull.  So now we're close up and they still don't look that small.  Larry decides to shake up the bull and make him stand up.  ohmigosh.  Too funny!  He was ALL BULL on short stocky legs.  An absolute beast, but so docile as he came over for a scratch.  He was four years old.  I think it made Jay into a believer and he could picture that ribeye right well.

We have our work cut out for us as we still have to put a pen/paper to it to see if it will be profitable, but I think that we will at least raise a steer to butcher for us this year and see what we end up with for meat.  Gotta believe in it before you can sell it!

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