I think this is going to be one of those random thoughts blog.  Not one thought is staying long enough in this flaky mind to make a paragraph.

Thought #1 ... Congrats to daughter Dakota on her engagement.  Another gray hair for mom.
Thought #2 ... Church today... for some reason this hit home today when speaking about Adam and Eve and God giving them one rule "Don't eat ...", that everything was fine and good until she decided that didn't want rules, knew better, listened to someone who doesn't know as much, that wasn't after their best interests...it felt like I was listening to a description of a teenager learning life's lessons the hard way.
Thought #3 ... Started my garden seeds today to try desperately to have some green for Jakeob's graduation.
Thought #4 ... Jason (my mini hauler) stopped to see how the mini was doing and was surprised that she wasn't a lot further along than she is.  Here I was proud as we really had to work at taming her down.  Now I'm wondering if I don't know what I'm doing...I have been so enjoying it. <sigh>  Oh, thanks for asking. :)  She is still spooky when I go into her pen, but can catch her easily, she is easier to approach on the left side than the right so still working on that and working on haltering her.  It's also time for spring worming so that should be "Interesting".
Thought #5 ... Not expecting any flooding concerns here except for some very soggy roads with some runoff going over the roads.  They say it should peak on Wednesday or Thursday this week.  We will see.
Thought #6 ... Sunday night blues.  <sigh>

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