It's winter time and that means...time to start messing on the computer.  More time inside and less time outside.

Today it is a warm up with highs in the 20s.  How quick we adjust!  At Thanksgiving it was in the 60's, but put a cold snap in between then and now and the 60s are but a distant memory.  The cold snap with highs in the single digits -- now that we remember.

Christmas is just next week and we have many things to look forward to -- Christmas with my family this weekend, and the joy of again attending a church with a children's program on Christmas Eve.

Of course, there's changes, too.  This will be the first year that our family (Mom + Dad + Kids) won't be together on Christmas Eve as daughter drew the short straw and will be working.  This won't be the last change as the kids spread their wings more and more.  Guess Mom and Dad need to grow up a little now too.

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