Boring. - PEAFARM
I have to apologize for the lack of pictures, it makes for some very boring posts.  In my defense, it's hard to generate the enthusiasm to take pictures after work, when it's almost dark, on wet dreary days.

The snow melt has made everyone a little grumpy.  The chicken coop is at the bottom of the hill.  That means the snow is all melting, racing down the hill, and under the chicken coop where we had 3 or 4 inches of standing water.  We put in a couple of pallets/boards down so that we had a place to feed. The chicken's HATE it.  Mr. Rooster is of the variety that he has feathers on his feet.  And he can also make facial expressions or at the very least sends telepathic messages.  After we feed, he attempts to make the long journey from his platform to the feeding platform.  So he sticks one foot in the water and quickly removes it, shakes it and scrunches up his face with a "Oh, I hate getting my feet all wet, it's so unsanitary, gross, and common".  (He is anything but common).  His hens look at me from their nest box roost with a tough decision, "Is the food really worth the journey?" and they outright refuse to lay any eggs until it dries up.
We chipped the remaining ice around the door and that started the flow of water.  It came in under the west wall and left thru the front door.  We are now down to a muddy mess.  Everywhere.  It is a two handed process to walk into the cattleyard -- to lift your leg out of the mud to take a step.

Good news!  Tomorrow the sun comes out!

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