Asparagus happens to be a family favorite.  How many of you can say that your kid's favorite vegetable is asparagus?!

The sun was out Saturday and even though it was still cold, we grilled.  No special recipe here.  We grilled frozen salmon burgers and asparagus / zucchini.

A+ for having a grilling husband so I don't have to!
A+ for color.  The salmon was a really nice color next to the asparagus and zucchini.
A+ for cleanup.  Did I mention that I love it when my DH grills!

All in all ... mmmm ... how will I ever top this one! 

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    No Guarantees
    I used to be a good cook.  I bravely tried at least 2 new recipes each week.  And it was good.  And then somewhere along the line, cooking became something I didn't do.  In fact, my husband would introduce me, "This is my wife.  She USED TO cook."  Now it's been long enough he doesn't remember the 'old' days. 
    The recipes I'm including here are family recipes, tried and true, or don't make a mess in the kitchen.  In my mind that is truly a measure of a good recipe.  Enjoy!


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