I've been booted out of my own kitchen, but somehow I'm still not getting out of cooking.

Since I was constantly in a state of soap or somethin' making, DH created my own workspace out in the garage.
I know you're quite jealous of my mauve cupboards.  I do have to say they are working quite nice.  I've made quite a few batches of soap in the last few days including:
Peach Tea
Orange Spice
Coffee Orange Spice

And I've started a "Forrest Gump" soap.  I always have a little bit left over that doesn't fit in the molds.  So I started taking an upright mold and pouring "the rest" in there right on top of the other one.  So "you never know what you're going to get" when you slice off a bit of Forrest Gump soap.

And somewhere along the way this weekend, I also made a batch of goat cheese.   Yes, me the "I USED TO cook, cook" every once in a while still comes thru.  I've been having a little trouble being to cheap with the spices so it hasn't had quite the flavor I was looking for so I added a little extra and I thought it was quite yummy.  Lotsa garlic!

I have an excuse to make more. Next Sunday church is holding its services at the lake with potluck to follow.  I'm looking forward to the whole thing!

In the meantime - watch out for killer mosquitos!

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