I made my first batch of  goat's milk soap!  This was after searching thru recipes to find just the right one and I decided to try Oats-n-Honey Castille soap.  It was supposed to be a very mild soap and had rave reviews.
I was able to get it to the trace stage, and then to separate and then to rise and turn on itself, but what the heck does a vaseline/mashed potato mixture look like?  At some point, I decided enough was enough and went to the next step which was to add honey.  Sure enough, it did just what is was supposed to ... which was turn brown.  BROWN.  Well, that looks real attractive. Jay had his own ideas about what it looked like. Hopefully it will redeem itself after it's done curing.  Tomorrow am hoping to try another recipe.  It sounds like I will be the only one here and everyone else is working.  (or trying to escape my honey-do list!)
Happy Memorial Day!

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