Experiment # 1:
Castille (100% Olive Oil) soap:  Nice.  Very Softening.  Very Low on lather.  hmmm....
Experiment # 2:
"Regular Soap" ... still curing... who knew waiting would be this hard.
Experiment # 3:
I'd rather not talk about it. 

But it made me decide maybe it would be best to get really good at a single recipe instead of doing a bunch of experiments.  Decided to do hot process so that I could start to use it right away and decide if it's a keeper.

Picked out "the recipe" to perfect. 
Round 1 ... Added scent for the first time. Bar smells luscious but is still soft and is 'ugly'.  Am giving it a week to harden it up somewhat before using.  Am going to try perfecting the looks and see if I can improve.  It turned out a gold color and i would prefer closer to white ... will see.  Also got my first air bubbles so will be giving that extra attention.
Round 2 ... It's cooking!  Here is what it looked like in the pot before I put it in the oven.  It looked delicious ... a buttery yellow.  But it won't stay that color as long as I hot process....
And slightly off topic, Dakota discovered Momma and baby raccoons in the hayloft.  Brother and friends saved the day and got them out of the barn.  The babies (4 of them) are now at a buddies house.  Better them than us!

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