Wow.  This was a tough one!  I've decided we're in that in between age where Christmas isn't quite as much fun because the kids aren't as into the season.  I never did put up a Christmas decoration and horrors ... ! Christmas Eve service was cancelled ... !  So without church another part of Christmas was missing.  I suppose I better be careful what I wish for else there may be grandkids may be here before we're ready and I'll be wishing for boring.

What we did get was ... SNOW!  Lots of it.  We're calling it 10 inches but it definitely could be more.  Whatever the amount, it made for an aerobic workout just walking to the barn.  And of course, as soon as we went out the snow started coming down.  The snow and wind are supposed to keep coming until tomorrow afternoon so it will make for a very laid back Christmas.  Poor husband...he has to put the snow blower on...  me...I'm going to take QUIET very seriously!

Merry Christmas.

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