Here are some cheap and fun to make toys you can do yourself....

I have taken the gallon sized milk jugs and tied 3 together and hung on the fence-they make noise and they like to bob them around.

Take a carrot or apple and thread them onto some baling twine and hang from rafters so they swing freely not against a wall. They will play and keep occupied trying to eat it.

A good HEAVY DUTY laundry detergent bottle rinsed out. Fill with some gravel or rocks. They will like to pick it up and push it around to make the noise.

Make sure whatever toy you offer your horse won't injure him. Take caution there are no little pieces to break off or be chewed off and swallowed. Be sure the toy isn't something the horse can get its foot, leg or even head stuck in, whether loose on the ground or suspended overhead. Horses have a knack for getting themselves in trouble so imagine the worse case scenario before providing any kind of toy.

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