To the east of our house is a row of mature evergreen trees.  They must be 50 years old now, at least.  And tall.  Follows is a tall but true tale.
Everytime I look at these trees I am reminded and in awe of Rusty, a predecessor to our current Brittany Spaniel and the ultimate hunter.
We keep our dogs in kennels, but if we're outside they are outside with us.  So on a January day we had the dogs out running around with us but finally it was time to go inside.
"Rusty, come on let's go pen up!"  (No answer)
"RUSTY, come on let's go pen up!"  (No answer)
"RUSTY, COME ON LET'S PEN UP!"  (No answer and concern because he never goes to far from us and it's January in South Dakota)
We look.  And we look.  And we look.
The next day my DH has to go to a class, but I am at home with orders to go looking for Rusty.  First I go on the roof to shovel off the snow.  I hear barking and it is so-o close.  So I climb down and look.  Nothing.  I can still hear barking.  I can walk towards the sound and then all of a sudden the sound is behind me.  What?  That makes no sense, I can see that he's not here.  For some reason I look up.  WAY UP!  And at the top of the evergreen is Rusty barely bigger than a dot, but fortunately Orange and White stand out against an evergreen.
Yep, that's right.  Our dog spent a cold January night atop a 40 foot evergreen tree.  I call a friend who climbs up the tree and rescues him. 
Next evening we are out and about with the dogs around us.  We go to put them back in our kennels.  No Rusty.  You guessed it.  He's back in the tree.  This time my husband climbs the tree and rescues the dog.
So why are we surprised, when this happens yet again? 
The other side of the story.
Squirrels are a delicacy and a challenge.  A tree is just part of the course that the squirrel took that Rusty followed by jumping from branch to branch until he reached the prize -- the squirrel's nest at the top.
After three human trips to the top the squirrel's nest was unceremoniously removed.  No nest, no tree climbing dog.  Whew, it was becoming a threat to human health.  Which you can understand from the picture that climbing to the top of those trees was a ways up.

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