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All I know is that I HAVE TO pick up my new goats Friday night so that I have 4 milkings before I try and do this before work during the week!

So...we scrounged around and made the "Goatmobile".  It worked mighty fine!
Upon arriving at peafarm, the dogs were curious, the horses were curious, and the goats were slightly perturbed by all the loud barking. 
They came from a Hobby farm (that's with a capital H!).  Julie was so good to show us around so now we now what a hobby farm is.  (We don't qualify ... yet)  Their farm had a ton of sheep, goats, cattle, mini-cattle, miniature donkeys, guinea hens, bantams, turkeys, ducks, geese, chickens ... did I forget anything?  Oh yes, NO dogs.  Now it makes sense why the new arrivals were so unimpressed with the barking racket.
2 does and their kids are tucked into the miniature horse pen for the evening and settling in -- unaware that a rookie will be attempting to milk them bright and early in the morning!