I returned to work this am after a 5 day break from work.  Amazingly, I found out, I still HATE the project that I am assigned to.  And all I want is to get back to the farm.  So I've talked about and it's time to do it!
I'm going to try and use this blog to try and document the activity and maybe also hold myself accountable to getting it done so, here goes ...

Tonight, DH and I knocked down weeds in the livestock pen.  Left to do, is to remove the remaining old wood pen divider, make the cattle shed goat proof by adding a few more boards where required, remove the "compost" from inside the cattle shed and erect fencing. 

Last week the extension agent also sent me some contact information and goat information to help in our planning.

1.  Remove old wooden divider from cattle pen.
2.  Measure size of cattle pen and calculate fencing materials.
3.  Contact Vet in White and 1 other contact.
4.  Complete the "Dreams" section on business plan with Jay.

 Check back often to see how it's going!