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I've been booted out of my own kitchen, but somehow I'm still not getting out of cooking.

Since I was constantly in a state of soap or somethin' making, DH created my own workspace out in the garage.
I know you're quite jealous of my mauve cupboards.  I do have to say they are working quite nice.  I've made quite a few batches of soap in the last few days including:
Peach Tea
Orange Spice
Coffee Orange Spice

And I've started a "Forrest Gump" soap.  I always have a little bit left over that doesn't fit in the molds.  So I started taking an upright mold and pouring "the rest" in there right on top of the other one.  So "you never know what you're going to get" when you slice off a bit of Forrest Gump soap.

And somewhere along the way this weekend, I also made a batch of goat cheese.   Yes, me the "I USED TO cook, cook" every once in a while still comes thru.  I've been having a little trouble being to cheap with the spices so it hasn't had quite the flavor I was looking for so I added a little extra and I thought it was quite yummy.  Lotsa garlic!

I have an excuse to make more. Next Sunday church is holding its services at the lake with potluck to follow.  I'm looking forward to the whole thing!

In the meantime - watch out for killer mosquitos!

In the course of discussion of aprons coming back into vogue a little bit, I happened to mention that I have some of Grandma-Great's aprons.  I don't know how I ended up with them, but I did.  What I didn't know was that I had textile-gold.  That is, based on other people's reaction they must be gold.
So here I 'fess up to the precious items from Grandma-Great that somehow I ended up with.
So it is actually 7 aprons all in a decided wrinkly state.

Here's a couple of closeups so you can see the stitching.

I also have Grandma-Great's German Bible

And what I believe was either confirmation or graduation watch.  I love it.  Don't have an excuse to wear it often.

That's all I got.  Now there may be other members of the family that got a hand constructed Noah's Ark.  I would just like to point out ... I didn't get one.
(Really there was no one bent out of shape about the whole deal, but I wanted to show off my antiques!)
I've been working on "the recipe" for my conditioning bar.  I think it is officially good to go!  It's a fairly simple recipe with just three types of oils, but all of the oils are ones that have wonderful conditioning properties.  Including SHEA butter.  This should make the bar harder and last a little longer and have a bit more lather than a pure olive oil castile.  I made some Rosemary Mint yesterday.  Tomorrow I am hoping to make my "No Fragrance Added" variety but still has wonderful smell -- Honey n Oats and combines the healing and moisturizing of both goat's milk and oatmeal.  Next will be Lavendar-Chamomille which will have dried Chamomille from the garden.  And then will be Honeysuckle.  I think.  She-a So Fine is the soap you want next to the sink that you are always washing your hands.  In my case, it's next to my kitchen sink and those days when I am constantly rinsing / washing my hands are the days my hands are the softest.  Now that's good soap when it makes your hands softer rather than drying out from frequent washings! that goat's milk soap!