Definitely January and days are starting to look the same. 
Cold. Snow. Wind.
Work at Work.  Work at Home.
Snoring in front of the TV solo.  Snoring in front of the TV in chorus.
Driving our son nuts.  Son driving us nuts. 
But MOLLY is still CUTE!  She followed me into the feedroom where she worked at taking all the lids off the feed bins and finding the snack shelf.  It was much easier getting her in there than getting her out!
Supper Time!  Fresh Apples...  (The dog is there for the road apples.)

I had no intentions of spending anytime outside today -- way too cold!  Maybe a high of 0...and maybe not.  And then Dakota showed up with boyfriend and nieces and nephews in tow.  We got all 4 horses saddled up and gave rides to munchkins.  Molly did very good for having her first kids on her back!  We are going to have to work on "Go" tho. 

Here's some pic's! 
Hunter L-U-V-ed MOLLY!
Meet the boyfriend's horse - Legacy (aka Pokie)