We confess to being the drop off point for unwanted animals.  Hence the arrival of 3 hens last summer.  All went well until 2 of the 3 grew combs and lustily exercised their voices each morning.  The hens were barely keeping their lead with 5 hens to 4 roosters, but harmony was maintained until...
I turned around to turn off the light and WHAM!  The rooster made a running leap and spurred my upper thigh.  From that point on, backs were never turned and guard dogs were brought in to escort this unpaid worker to gather eggs each night.  The stress was too much and the husband stepped up to the plate, scooped up 2 roosters in a fishing net, threw them in a 'garbage bag' and threw them in daughter's car trunk.  Now it's her problem!  Good riddance!

Daughter took them gave them to boyfriend.... boyfriend took care of them ;)


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